Plaza Latina Festivals

Completed whilst working at Studio Gil.

Studio Gil has worked closely in collaboration with ‘Carnaval del Pueblo Association / Plaza Latina’ to design and develop a series of pavilions and performance spaces for the ‘Plaza Latina’ festival in Nursery Row Park, London SE17. The temporary pavilions are designed to allow for a number of festival uses and to be easily erected and dismantled by using an economical construction module. The pavilions are designed to be playful, fit for purpose and actively promote Latin American diverse culture of food, arts, crafts and music.

London’s best Latin American festival showcased a wide variety of activities which included music, food, dance, arts & crafts and fun kids activities. ‘Plaza Latina’ had music for everyone’s tastes, along with gorgeous dance presentations from an eclectic mix of groups from across Europe. Latin American food and drink included Venezuelan arepas, Pupusas from El Salvador, Peruvian Ceviche, Latin beers and delicious cocktails! Face painting, music, dance and piñata fiestas kept the whole family entertained and learning all about the diverse cultures of Latin America.

Photography by Christo Meyer

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